TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) In English and Italian for Technical Inspection Association, TÜV SÜDIs the world's largest and oldest TÜV inspection agency。

Industry TÜV SÜD major service covers the electrical and electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical, food, energy, chemicals, telecommunications, rail transport, textiles, large industrial equipment, recreational facilities and so on, is a trusted partner in the process, the Group the service throughout the chain, always look at the overall business process, providing a one-stop solution for the whole

TÜV SÜD Mark - Commitment to prove the quality, safety and sustainable development

TÜV Nande is representative of the quality and safety of the brand。
Our certification marks, certificates and test reports to prove the customer's commitment to quality, safety and sustainable development。 We aim to enhance the end consumer product safety, quality and sustainability of confidence。