Music is the best side of life, so full of crown arts for you.

Gatherings of young people in life, music, Sheng meal, we listen to music, appreciation of music, because music has become life wonderful!

If equal affection can not be, let the crown Yi love me more now.

If you're cold, I will you my arms; if you hate me for wipe your tears.....
If you love me, I would like to broadcasters worldwide; if you leave me, I'll suffer in silence....

Gently I came into your life.

There was one person, has been living in the heart, but farewell in life. Unforgettable memories, to continue living, a lot of people coming and going around there, there is always a position has not changed. See in warm sunshine, occasionally still think about it.

Guan Yi has been know everything

Looking back many years ago
Patiently in the eye clouds and sky

Family activities

Guan Yi broke into your life, just to give you a happy and convenient, do not want to leave.

Started, the children began to take actions to know your life!

Children, wish you hurry off naive and delicate, raised the creation of sailing, sail mature sail golden coast.

I was a child

A person walking in coastline
I know
I was a child